Organising a party?

Have you thought about a theme night ?

Here's just a few ideas for party themes which have been successful. Please Email any party ideas you have as you'll probably think of some as well.

70s Night !        Grease !        Saturday Night Fever !        Abba !

Having a party theme can create so much fun from the moment you walk through the door.

The novelty of wearing something completely different has such a lasting effect and everyone gets involved and interacts with each other.

Other successful themed parties are...

  • Fancy Dress !
  • School Disco !
  • Beach Party !
  • Rock n Roll !
  • Country & Western !
  • Oscars Night With The Stars !
  • Beatles !
  • New Romantics !
  • St Trinians !
  • Halloween !
  • Rocky Horror Show !
  • Easter Parade !
  • Valantines !
  • Stag Night !
  • Hen Parties !

The latest Craze......UV Party !

These are becomming increasingly popular where guests are encouraged to wear white, flourescent face paints and glo stick products. Ultra violet lighting will be supplied making flourescents and white clothing shine and glow in the dark.

Party One
Party Two
Party Three
Party Four
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