What makes a great show ?

Always striving to bring new technology to the party !

The show is adaptable for all needs from top class hotels to function halls and marquees. The scope is vast. The lighting can be discreet with a subtle back drop of 100s of twinkling lights and non intrusive lighting or a night club feel with smoke, strobes and intelligent heads sweeping the hall with other flown effects giving your evening that special touch.

Video Disco Backstage

With the new addition of the video disco makes this a serious contender for your party. Please see the Video Disco page for more details. The PC that drives the music and videos is very high end and has been designed especially for this purpose. The high spec processor is fast and reliable as required for playing high quality high definition (HD) video content and a huge 2TB hard drive is installed, proving the video collection of MPEG4 files is massive. The PC allows instant access of 1000s of tracks at the touch of a button. There is no compromise in sound quality as a high level rip rate is assured and a studio grade sound card is used.

High Quality Audio

A CD player is also available for any specific applications i.e. backing track for singer or live act.

The sound is second to none with the P.A being driven & produced by R.C.F, a world leader in touring amplification speakers. The system is remarkable for deep bass punch, clean midrange output and accurate high frequencies offering the ultimate intelligibility in vocal and Recorded Music.


The mixer would be at home in a night club, therefore it is more than capable for your party needs.

Microphones for speeches and awards are easily catered for.

This show is capable of delivering on its promises time after time. The advantages soon become clear.

Setting up

Setting up the equipment is very efficient and can be fully installed in no time. In fact, between 45mins and 1 hour, depending on location and access.

Safety First

All equipment supplied is annually tested for electrical safety and a PAT test certificate is available if your venue requires it.

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