Now offering, The Brand New Video Disco

Add the "WOW Factor" to your celebrations

Basically, it's the same as conventinal DJ'ing, except instead of playing just the music, the accompanying Music Video is displayed on my twin LCD screens.

It really is fantastic, adds an incredible amount of "wow factor", most people comment on it, saying that they've never seen a Video DJ and how much it adds to their enjoyment.

A large selection of Music Video's are available to play, both new and old, including all the new chart releases on Video every week. These are not available to the general public, only to bona fide Video DJ's.

Specialist VJ equipment enables the Music Video's to be mixed in the same way that CDs can be.

Cool hey !

It is easy to swop between using the screens for Video DJ'ing or displaying pictures.

If the video for a particular song is missing from the library, then It can still be played and the screens will automatically show either supplied pictures or a "visual".

Wedding and Birthday Pictures

The screens can also be used to show any pictures. Wedding pictures, or if it's a birthday party, then pictures of the Birthday Boy or Girl could be displayed.

Video One
Video Two
Video Three
Video Four
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